Pieces- Second Bonus Chapter

Pieces- Second Bonus Chapter

This scene takes place after Trevor takes things to the next level with Sadie. It's the next day and Sadie had spent the morning trying to recreate what Trevor made her feel with Ryan. 

Sadie couldn’t wait to see Trevor. She still couldn’t believe quiet, reserved Trevor got drunk and seduced her. Not that it was a hard feat, it just wasn’t his style. All the kissing they did gave her butterflies every time she replayed the memories in her mind.

As she and Ryan pulled into the parking lot at Fit World, she wondered how Trevor would act today. Would he feel awkward? Would he apologize, say it was a mistake? Would he kiss her again? Take her to bed? Make her feel the way he had last night?

When she tried the kissing thing with Ryan, it wasn’t the same. Not even close. After a few minutes, she pulled away and jumped off his lap. “I’m getting in the shower so we can go!”

He followed her into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. “I liked making out. I feel seventeen again.”

She laughed, but wondered if he was serious or making fun of her.

Ryan took her hand and kissed the back of it as they walked into Fit World. She smiled, feeling the butterflies in her stomach again. Any moment she would see Trevor.

“I’m off at ten tonight. And I don’t have to work tomorrow, so we could go to Blue Dog.”

“Sure,” she said, only half listening. Trevor sat at the front desk watching them walk through the door.

“Hey,” he said casually. “There are three treadmills down, and a stair climber. They can’t get a repair person here until tomorrow.”

“Great,” Ryan said with a groan. “I’ll have every soccer mom in here pissed at me. Like I’m the one who actually broke them.”

“Just smile and wink at ‘em. They’ll get over it real fast.”

“Right, right. Maybe I’ll bend down so they can check out my ass, too.”

Sadie’s jaw fell a little. “Does that really work?”

Ryan smiled at her. “If I bent down, wouldn’t you look at my ass and forget the treadmill didn’t work?”

She screwed up her face and shook her head. “I’ve seen your ass a million times, and do I look like I need a treadmill?”

Both guys laughed. Ryan said, “Well, most women don’t go home to men who look like this.” He spanned his hand down the length of his body.

She waved her hand in the air. “Whatever.” She caught Trevor’s eye. “Now if Trevor bent down, I might look. That’s an ass I haven’t seen a million times.”

Panic registered in Trevor’s eyes but faded as soon as Ryan laughed. She went around the desk and sat beside Trevor, knowing he had stuff to do in the office before leaving.

Trevor barely glanced at her as he stood. “Hey, Trev,” she called out as he walked away. He turned around. “I think you dropped something.”

He smiled, bent over halfway, and shook his butt in the air. She laughed, as did Ryan while he sat in the chair Trevor vacated.

She spun in the chair hoping Trevor wouldn’t be much longer. The pancakes earlier were all she’d eaten. Ryan got Burger King, but she declined, saving what little appetite she had for her time with Trevor.

A woman approached the desk. “Hi, Ryan.” She was older, maybe forty, with cropped black hair and too much makeup. She eyed Sadie distastefully. “You guys hire someone new?”

“No. This is Sadie, my girlfriend. Sadie, this is Monica.”

“Hi,” Sadie said, sitting still in the chair now.

“Ryan, you never mentioned a girlfriend.” Monica eyed Sadie again. “A guy like you should keep your options open.”

Sadie raised an eyebrow, amused by this woman.

Ryan laughed. “No, she and I go way back. There’s no other options.” He smiled at Sadie.

Maybe not for you, Sadie thought.

“Does Trevor know you bring her to work with you?”

Ryan nodded. “He’s here now. In the office.”

“What happened to her eye?”

Hello, Sadie thought, I’m sitting right here!

Ryan smiled at Sadie. “She got in a fight with some girl hitting on me right in front of her.”

Monica let out a short huff, swiped her membership card and walked away.

Sadie watched her go into the locker room. “Is she one of the soccer moms who check out your butt?”

“More like soccer grandma.”

“How old is she?”

He pointed to the computer screen. “She was born in 1950. In February. So that makes her fifty-one.”

“Wow. She didn’t look that old.”

“Probably had a face lift.”

“Who had a face lift?” Trevor asked from behind them.

“Monica. She just got here and was giving Sadie The Look.”

“Ah. She’s interesting.” He faced Sadie. “Ready?”

She jumped up. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Their eyes met briefly, but they looked away.

Ryan grabbed her hand. “See ya a little after ten.” He tugged her arm a little. She leaned down and met his lips. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.” She pulled away from him and followed Trevor out the door.