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See each book for content warnings. 

The Fragile Line Series

This series is unique in that the first three books can be read in any order. Beautiful (book 1) tells Sadie's story through her college years when her issues with alcohol begin to spiral out of control. Damaged (book 2) tells Jenny's story over the same period of time as Beautiful when she battles depression and trying to get a grip on life. Falling (book 3) begins the story of their friendship and the intertwining of their lives and relationships. That being said, most people start with Beautiful, and move through the series as follows:

1- Beautiful. // Sadie's Story

2- Damaged. // Jenny's Story

3- Falling.

4- Pieces.

5- Changes.

6- Karma.

7- Invincible. 

8- Breakable. 

9- Dreams. 

10- Nightmares. (release date 07/16/2024)

11- Burn the Past. (release date Fall 2024)

12- Bury the Ashes. (release date Winter 2024)

Content warning: The Fragile Line Series deals with real life issues in a transparent and raw manner. Every single book has swearing, alcohol, and drug use. Every single book deals with/mentions pregnancy and/or miscarriage and/or abortion even if these things don't happen in the book- the subject is always there. Some of the books have domestic violence, which is graphic in some scenes, in other books it is only mentioned. There is child neglect. Mental health issues. Suicidal ideation and attempts. Unfaithful relationships. Death/dying. Childhood trauma is explored. Disordered eating. Sexual assault. Promiscuity. Stalking.  Each individual book has specific content warnings. This is not an all-encompassing list.